Where Rio Poti flows into Rio Parnaíba

The old center of Teresina is situated between two rivers.

From the left the river Parnaíba disappears into the distance, all the way North till The Atlantic Ocean. From the right the river Poti joins the river Parnaíba. To visit the newer parts of the city of Teresina you have to cross the Rio Poti or go to the South. Here exactly at this point the old city ends. The Rio Parnaíba is also the border between two states, Piauí and Maranhão.

Norte de Teresina

Below a view from the opposite side, a view into the South. On the right Rio Parnaíba (brownish water) and on the left the Rio Poti (looks cleaner). On the point where the rivers meet is a little park and a floating restaurant.

Noord naar Zuid

This picture was copied from this site:


As so many sites here they are all in Portuguese. But it is nice to see the pictures and feel closer to the real Brazil here.

Cabeça de Cuia
Monumento da lendo do Cabeça de Cuia na entrada do Parque Municipal Encontro dos Rios.

In the little park there is a statue you see here and a little museum (not special but nice).

In a little house close to the Rio Parnaíba, there lived a very poor fisherman with his mother. His name was Crispin. One day he came home with no fish which means that they had nothing to eat that evening. Crispin was so angry that he hit his mother with a big bone from a cow. Before his mother died she put a spell on him and so he became a monster. He could only get back to normal when he ate 7 virgins Maria’s. Until the present day he is still swimming in the river looking for the virgins named Maria. 

There is a song about Cabeça de Cuia, follow the link below.


There is also a floating restaurant. Worth a visit. The food is very good and the view is great. For me the real problem is that there are so many mosquito’s close to the water.

Restaurant 3

Restaurant 1

Restaurant 2

After this I will add more pictures to show you the beauty of the nature along the rivers here close to Teresina. When you really want to see the beauty, it is everywhere around you.



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Translations of former posts in the Dutch language will follow soon.

And when your name is Maria, please don’t get to close to the water.

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